5 Things You Can Do For A Complete Dining Room Makeover

Published On November 8, 2017 | By Clare Louise | Home Improvement

The dining room is essential to the home. Families bond over meals, friends share their lives and it can be a beautifully personal area. Being the centerpiece of so many meaningful moments, the dining room should be kept up with the rest of the home. Making big changes in the dining room may seem daunting, but it can be one of the most exciting rooms to update. Here are some key ways to makeover your dining room.

 1. China Cabinets

5things2If you don’t have a china display cabinet in your dining room, it’s time to get one! If you do, is it holding everything you need it to, or do you find yourself squeezing in the most special crystal pieces against the heirloom plates? A china cabinet is a sure way to elevate any dining room experience, giving it a sense of elegance and organization. They display your best pieces, and come in a wide variety of sizes, from a small piece that handles a few wine glasses and special china to an eight-foot full cabinet for rows and rows of special belongings. One of the best places to get dining room cabinets is IKEA. they have a large range of sizes and designs suited for anyone’s needs. IKEA also provides innovative designs like hanging shelves, combination glass panels, and some pieces are designed to be added to over time. Overall, a china cabinet is quintessential to any lovely dining room.

2. Change The View From Above

Gone are the days where the only way to light a dining room is with a hanging chandelier. Not only does it close off the room as it hangs intrusively above the table, but the lighting typically doesn’t feel natural. You can get much better lighting in your dining room by installing recessed lights (I’d say to do a minimum of four). Many people are opting for ceiling fans in the dining room especially to help them through hot summers. Modern Fan Outlet has big ceiling fans that will really make a statement in the space. You’ll be amazed on how changing the lighting in your dining room will also change your mood and your families mood. You will enjoy sitting at the table and spending time together as a family. When choosing colors for the home, it is natural to go with the colors that are the most personally satisfying, and which coordinate the best with the rest of the house. However, consider the color in the dining room to be a part of the dining experience and make sure it reflects well your new natural light. Consider these rules for the color of your dining room. Softer, subtler versions of orange and red will give the room a sophisticated, five-star feeling. Keeping in mind how colors make people feel, a change in the paint can completely change the experience of the diners.

3. The Dining Room Table


Right in the middle of this list is the center of the dining room: the table. Whether the table is designed for a big family and reserved for large gatherings, used for intimate family meals, or is a versatile table with optional panels, this is the most important decision you will make for your dining room. There are many things to consider when updating the marble dining table. If you already have a table you like, it may just be that it needs a few tweaks. Tighten up the legs and panels, and consider refinishing the table to fix any scratches or dents. Buying a new table, however, can be quite exciting. How many people need to be seated regularly? Is adding panels an option? Then there’s the question of what you like the table made of. Is the sleek beauty of a glass table worth the maintenance, or would mahogany be more classic? If you’re a big fan of oak furniture then you might consider the Home and Timber dining tables in quarter sawn white oak or something similar. Since the table is the centerpiece of the dining room, consider choosing it first, and designing the rest of the makeover around the feel of the table. That way it will look put together and professional.

 4. New Tables Need New Chairs


Bridging the gap between comfort and beauty, the chairs around the dining room table are a great opportunity to be expressive and make the room unique. For a dining room that boasts high-class dinner parties, deeply-hued and cushioned chairs with high backs could be most fitting. If refinement comes second to utility, something unique like bench chairs or smaller wooden chairs could be a good option. This is where the use of the dining room really needs to be considered, because seating is a huge part of the experience.

 5. Decorate The Walls And Shelves

How do you want people to feel in your dining room? Autumn Bouakadakis, an interior designer in Texas who provides home staging for Spindle Design Co., says that “too many pictures and visual pieces can be overwhelming and distracting, but never be afraid to customize the appearance of the room.” Subtle pictures of wine and grapes, artistic depictions of food, maybe some hanging lights or wall lights in the right positions to be the most satisfying, or even images of far-away buildings puts the dining experience together and keeps it memorable. All in all, redoing the dining room can be a great experience that leads to many others. Set yourself up for success in serving family and friends, and enjoy the space as your own. A beautiful dining room leads to beautiful memories.

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