7 Ways to Decorate with Table Lamps

Published On October 1, 2018 | By Arthur Garst | Home Improvement

The table lamps are pictured by some people as being old-fashioned and stuffy and they often treated like the old maiden aunts of the lighting world. The truth is they have undergone something of a makeover and they are now used surprisingly for showing off fresh finishes, beguiling textures and bright colors that are delightful to behold. Below are some amazing ways to decorate using table lamps and lampe sur pied.

#1: Mix and match

You don’t have to be rigid with styles of decoration especially using table lamps. You can actually mix and match styles in a way to complement the nightstand lamp. You can try out styles used in formal settings to make an amazing decoration.

#2: Use painted table lamps

 You can get a café ambience around your dining when you decorate your table with lamps painted in unexpected contemporary colors. Try going beyond the conventional use of ceiling fixtures for illuminating the dining area.

#3: Use them in unexpected places

Have you tried integrating a table lamp into your bathroom décor? The new table lamps actually give a touch of elegant whimsy when they are used in some unexpected places. Your bathroom would radiate a stylish look when you use the modern table lamps.

#4: Place on window sills

You can go beyond the conventional use of just candles on a window sill. Table lamps can be used to create a wonderfully reflective pool of light when you place them on a window sill. Those within will feel a bright glow of companionship while those outside will get a welcoming signal.

#5: Make a contemporary statement with table lamps

You can turn the oh-so-familiar into a contemporary statement by using today’s made-over table lamps. You can go beyond the traditional roles by using updated sideboard with rococo and classical design elements.

#6: Use table lamps to bring light and unity

The dining room tableau can be graced with light and unity when you give the tall sculptural lamps similarly styled base the same treatment. You can turn a sitting room design cliché into a fresh declaration of time and place by placing a modern table lamp on a battered but contemporary side table. You can do this to suit your personal taste.

#7: Use tall table lamps

When you use tall table lamps in a matching pair, they give an elegant feel and when you gaze at them, seeing double becomes a good thing. Your mind will love to see them than to think sconces.


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