A Step-By-Step Guide to Choosing the Right Painting Contractor

Published On September 19, 2018 | By Carol Wesson | Interior

Home renovation projects require the touch of various professionals for crucial tasks like installing the HVAC system, checking and fixing the plumbing, and building an extension. But when it comes to paint jobs, some property owners may think that this can be done by anyone. After all, anyone (they may believe) can dip a brush into paint and spread the color on walls.

However, a house painting job is harder than it seems. There are plenty of other things to consider than wielding a brush to achieve the best outcome. These include covering the areas that won’t be painted, preparing the surface before painting, removing obstacles like lights and electrical plates, touching up all missed spots, and many more.

That’s why hiring a reputable painting contractor that can expertly work wonders on a home with quality paints, coatings and finishes is highly recommended. Let the pros take on the job to guarantee a superb, long-lasting result.

Here is a guide to cherry-picking the best contractor among the pool of today’s service providers.

Step 1: Ask for referrals

Start your search by asking for recommendations from people you trust, such as your family, friends, and even your co-workers. They can provide you with a list of great contractors, especially if they have hired one before. Also, you can examine the work performed by these contractors on their properties to determine if that is the kind of work quality you want.

If you can’t get referrals, search online for local contractors. Learn what you can about them from their website. You can also give them a call to get an idea of how they cater to their new clients.

How a contractor treats clients is just as important as the quality of their work. Since you will be dealing with the team for quite some time, they must be pleasant to work with. Also, you’d want to see that their previous clients say great things about them, so make sure to read reviews on the company’s website.

Step 2: Get several bids

Get bids from at least three contractors for comparison purposes. Even if your neighbor is a contractor, it is crucial to get estimates from other companies to make the right choice.

The bids must fall within the same price range. The lowest bid is not always the best choice, but neither is the highest estimate. Ask for a bid breakdown to know exactly what services are included.

Step 3: Conduct a phone interview

Learn more about the company by calling each candidate. But before making a call, you should have already prepared several questions. These should include the paint warranty, professional organizations they belong to, references, insurance, and their offered products and services. Don’t be afraid to ask as many questions as you can.

A reputable contractor will answer all your questions in the best possible way. But if they are too busy or proud to answer your queries, cross them out of your list and move on to the next.

Step 4: Set up an appointment

Meeting with the contractors is crucial in examining how polite and professional they are. This will also give you the opportunity to determine if you feel comfortable working with them.

This is also the time for you to be specific about your project. Show them the job site and inform them what color and type of finish you like. From there, the contractor will provide you with a written proposal.

Step 5: Read the contract thoroughly

Once you have approved the proposal, the contractor will then give you a written contract. Make sure that this essential document includes everything that you have agreed upon, including the particulars on preparation and house cleanup, the area to be painted, paint color, paint finishes, and total cost of the project. In case you don’t understand a term, phrase or sentence written in it, you should never assume! Instead, ask for clarifications.

Choosing a contractor for painting your home is indeed a delicate task because the beauty and functionality of the property will depend on the people you hire. Be an educated consumer by following this step-by-step guide. With the right contractor, you will surely achieve a quality job and get the best value for your hard-earned money.


Ralph El Eid is the Business Development Manager at COLORTEK – Wall & Floor Fashion. EQUIPAINT is the franchise owner of COLORTEK in Dubai (U.A.E.) and Doha (Qatar); an international paints manufacturer specializing in the widest range of decorative paints and seamless concrete & resin flooring, with a unique showroom concept, and thus an ideal destination for homeowners, consultants, architects, interior designers and paint applicators.


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