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The bedroom of your house is special for more reasons than one. For guests and outsiders, it is like a sneak peek into your private space and is often seen as a reflection of your taste and preference in interiors. With apartments and homes getting smaller by the day, designing the bedroom comes with a few inherent space challenges. In this post, we will discuss what it really takes to create a neat and organized bedroom

Reduce your furniture

Obvious as it may sound, you need a bed in the bedroom, and the size of it largely determines the space for everything else. King-size beds may look great in ads, but it is often not the most practical choice for a smaller room. Go for a queen-sized bed instead. Reducing furniture in the bedroom, both in terms of number and size helps in simplifying the design and clears up the floor space. Make the most of modular wardrobes, so that the walls are used effectively.

Declutter the space

Decluttering, believe it or not, is an art. Most of us have a lot of things in the bedroom that doesn’t belong to that space. Instead of having shoes, shopping bags and toys in the plain sight, find a way to hide things. You can choose to invest in a chest of drawers instead of a bedside table, which will stock more than smaller tables. To clean up the wardrobe, go for closet organizers, which can help in sorting clothes, and other things like jewelry, within the closet.

Make the most of hidden & open storage

Hydraulic storage is extremely useful and trending at the moment. Replace your bed with a bed that comes with hydraulic storage, drawers, or even pull-out extra bed. Instead of the same old table close to the bed, go for an ottoman. As far as open storage is concerned, walls can work perfectly. Use uniquely shaped wall shelves to add an extra dimension to the bedroom, which can be used to stock books, décor items and more.

Finally, get the theme right. Eventually, you would want the bedroom to sync with rest of the house, and so some level of matching is necessary. If required, take help from an interior designer to get an idea of the common mistakes that should be avoided. As for organizers and boxes, check online to find the best deals and discounts.

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