Choosing the Best Type of Commercial Roofing Solution for Your Building

Published On September 3, 2018 | By David Corcoran | Home Improvement

 Commercial Roofing is a significant investment and one of the most critical parts of any construction building. It is essential to select an appropriate roof because it protects us from any harsh weather conditions like sun, rain, etc. We need to make sure that the roof stays for an extended period and we don’t spend much on repairing and maintaining it often. To choose the best kind of roofing, we first need to know the parts of the roofing. You can also consult DCG ROOFING COMPANY to ensure your roof is in safe hands.

Three Integral Things to Be Considered While Constructing the Roof

1 . Material Made Up Of

The material which makes the roofing is significant. Different materials like laminated glass, metal, concrete tiles, asphalt, PVC, clay tiles, slate, wood, Teflon fabric, etc. are used for building a roof. The material which you should be choosing for your roof depends upon the place you are living in, and the climatic and environmental conditions are prevailing there. It also depends on the type of building you are living in.

  1. Construction

After selecting the material which is likely to suit best for your building, construction is the next crucial stage. The installation depends on two factors: pitch and the support system.

The pitch is the angle made by the highest point of the roof with the lowest point of the roof. Depending on the type of roof, the pitch differs.

The support systems are the various factors like the pillars of the building or other supports which are implanted. Based on these, the area of the structure and the weight of the high roof, we need to plan the construction.

  1. Durability

You want to invest bucks in a roof which doesn’t last long. The durability of the building depends on how long the roof lasts. You can’t be in a place where the water sinks in from the roof, or it’s too hot because of the overhead sun. To ensure that your roof is durable, you need to choose the correct roofing material, and it should be constructed correctly, i.e., the pitch s to be taken care of. Also, we take care of the other parts of the building more often than that we do that of the roof. This is why it is more prone to get damaged easily.

Having discussed the three most integral parts of the roof, let us see what the materials that make the commercial roofing systems are. This is important because different tents serve different purposes. Depending upon your budget and purpose you can select the one that suits the best.

Different Commercial Roofing Materials

  1. EPDM Roofing

The EPDM or Ethylene Propylene Diene Terpolymer roofing system is considered as one of the best commercial roof types. It is best known for its durability, versatility and the low maintenance that it requires. This roofing is resistant to the ultraviolet rays of the sun, which increases the longevity up to almost 50 years. It is best suited for buildings with a low slope. It is effortless to be installed, and there is no need to take some equipment in or out of the building to get it lodged.

  1. Photovoltaic Solar Panel Roofs

If you want to cut down the energy cost, this will be the right option. The photovoltaic solar panels absorb the rays of the sun during the daytime and convert it to energy. This is how it utilizes the heat from the environment and converts it to electricity to serve your building. If you want to protect the environment and save money on a long-term basis, this is the option. Also, businesses that operate in rural places or some off-grid locations where there is no access to electricity easily, this roofing can be considered.

  1. TPO Roofing

In this kind of roofing, the material used is Thermoplastic polyolefin, which is made of rubber. It is cheaper than EPDM. These roofing systems also protect the building from the UV rays from the sun. But, the amount of protection depends upon the thickness of the roof. People go for it because there are almost no problems with leakage. Also, this is low maintenance and easy to be installed.

  1. Corrugated Roofing (Metal Roofing)

Earlier, people were a little skeptical to go for these because there were concerned of the rust. But, the advancements in technology are used to get over that. These roofing systems can last for more than 50 years or so. Also, they have reflective properties which keep your building cool and also checks your energy cost. It is also recyclable.

We have discussed the different roofing systems and essential parts of a roofing system. The appropriate roof can save the building from any potential damage and save a lot of money.

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