Decorating your sunroom for Halloween

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October in Calgary is one of the months that can truly inspire your interior decoration skills. Not only do you get pick up the beautiful colors of the foliage, but you also can focus your attention on Halloween to turn your 3 season sunroom into a fun room.

Given that most people have their sunroom as an additional room, it makes sense for this to be the focal point of Halloween decorations for the house, as the only time it will get used is for guests and general relaxation. You don’t have to worry about constantly bumping into pumpkins or sweeping fake cobwebs out of the way in a room that is part of the busy foot traffic in your home.

Decorating your sunroom for Halloween should be as much fun to do as it is for your guests and family when they see the holiday themed room for the first time. It’s the time to get your creative side out to balance out a tasteful room to sit and relax in, with enough grotesque décor to completely creep your guests out. Here are some tips for spooky surprises:

  • Light figures in the windows – the best thing for Halloween decorations in your Desert Sun sunroom is the big windows that are there to let all that beautiful natural light in. The sheer amount of glass means that you can have scary creatures outside as well as inside. Having them light up and move will only add to the shock factor, and you can go all out by finding ones that are motion sensitive, so people will have to up close to the dark windows before being made to jump out of their skin.
  • Fall colors – while decorating your sunroom for Halloween will mainly focus on the gory centerpieces, a room filled simply with skulls and grim reapers will look tacky. You need to think about how to incorporate some of Calgary’s vibrant fall colors into the room too. This might be in the form of a wreath of red and orange leaves over the doors leading into the sunroom, or brown floral accent cushions on the couch.
  • Mixed lighting – low lighting and flickering candles really set the mood for Halloween, and the large amount of windows means that you’ll get plenty of reflected light all over the room. Be careful not to put candles too near the windows, however, as you’ll lose some of the effect as the light and its reflection will seem to merge into one. You also want to consider having a mix of high and low lighting to create an exciting range of shadows around the room.

Finally, Halloween is the season when the old saying of “less is more” actually doesn’t work. Of course, it’s possible to overstuff your sunroom with decorations, but as long as you have a good mix of flowers, colors and spooky items, you’ll find that going big will result in a Halloween sunroom that your guests will be talking about until Thanksgiving.

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