Different Ideas on Building Coffee Table with Old Whiskey Barrels

Published On October 8, 2017 | By James Nguyen | Home Improvement

If you have shifted into a new home and are looking for coffee table ideas then go in for whiskey barrel furniture, which might be an apt option for you. You can either purchase these from credible stores or try making some unique and creative coffee tables.

Using Recycled Whiskey Barrels

Furniture made out of recycled whiskey barrels is a good option. You can purchase recycled whiskey barrels at affordable rates from many online sellers. All you have to do is look for the right barrel that will look great at home. The whiskey barrel will be the base for your coffee table.

There is other equipment and items that you might need to purchase to complete your coffee table such as:

  • Saw, drills, nails, hinges and screws
  • Wood or glass table top based on your preference
  • Sandpaper and varnish to polish the table and make it smooth

You really need to be patient when it comes to making whiskey barrels. Online stores such as Hungarian Workshop too have a wide range of whiskey barrel coffee table collections, in case you decide to purchase them.

Getting Started with Your Coffee Tables

Now that you have all the equipment with you, the next step is to make your coffee table.

  • First and foremost, you need to take the measurement for your coffee table
  • Cut the whiskey barrel as per the measurements
  • You can use a pry tool to remove the nails
  • Keep the end bands intact to keep the barrel in place
  • Next with the help of a hammer or mallet, you need to even out the surfaces
  • You can polish the barrel with sandpaper and then varnish it
  • Reassemble the barrel and make the base of your coffee table
  • You can use rulers and pencil to cut out the desired measurements
  • You can use boards and screw them to the base
  • Attach the table tops to the base with the help of hinges

If you want to look at step by step videos, you can check out tutorials online. If you want to make your coffee table more unique you can even personalize them with beer caps placed under glass countertops or using pebbles. If you like sipping whiskey while playing games, you can even go in for whiskey barrel game tables. No matter what type of furniture you make, these barrels will add an appealing look to any corner of your home.

Other Ideas with Whiskey Barrels

If you like your coffee table whiskey barrel design, then you can even make other type of furniture with this. If you are on a budget constraint, then these are a great option for you. In addition to coffee tables, you can even look at pub stools, chairs, and dining tables, tables for your patios or backyards.

Many people only make wine racks with whiskey barrels. If you like nature, then you can even use these barrels for planting different variety of plants. You can even use these to make kitchen and bathroom countertops or sinks.

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This article has been written by John Brookner. The Hungarian Workshop is one of the most popular and reliable stores when it comes to whiskey barrel furniture in Las Vegas. You can visit their website to gather information on the types of furniture they sell and to get the best quotes from them.

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