Discussing the Pros & Cons of uPVC Windows & Doors

Published On March 1, 2019 | By Carol Wesson | Kitchen

Those of us who are homeowners will often find ourselves gazing at the features and attributes of houses as we walk down the street. You will most certainly have noticed that a large number of these houses have UPVC windows and doors. But what is the reason behind it? Is it because of their incredible cost effective benefits? Is it because of their aesthetic attributes? Here we will take an in-depth look into why so many of us are choosing to install uPVC windows in Bangor based homes, and hopefully provide you with enough information in order for you to decide if they are the right choice for you.


#1: Weather Resistance – Unless time has taken its toll, uPVC windows are extremely resistant against all kinds of weathers. Due to the nonporous nature, rain will simply bounce right off the windows.

#2: Environmental & Recyclable Factors – Both uPVC windows and doors have no impact on the environment after they are made and fitted. Plus, if you want to get them removed before they are broken down, they can be recycled.

#3: Nearly No Maintenance – Despite the fact that you can expect some slight discolouration over time, (the summer sun inevitably affects most colours), your uPVC windows will require little to no maintenance. They will obviously require a quick clean once in a while when they get dirty, but that will mostly be all that is necessary.

#4: No Warping – Wood window and door frames will almost certainly warp over time as they constantly get wet and dry. uPVC will keep its structure from the day it is installed until the end of its lifespan.

#5: Impressive Lifespan – Homeowners can expect their uPVC windows and doors to last roughly 35 years. This is an exceptional lifespan, but it will be dependant on the quality of the uPVC material and the standard of their installation.


#1: Aesthetics – If you are after a fresh set of windows and doors which are representative of your personality, uPVC may not be the option for you. Their material limits the design and shape options available, which can be a turn-off for many homeowners.

#2: Cheap – Many homeowners will adore seeing the word ‘cheap’ next to a home improvement idea. However, they are cheap for a reason. While uPVC offers some unparalleled benefits, their material and aesthetic can cheapen older buildings which hold history and character. This means that the materials will generally only suit newer builds.

#3: Hazardous Properties – Despite the eco-friendly properties of uPVC, they are actually quite harmful to the environment when made and destroyed. As with most plastics, they give off hazardous fumes when created and destroyed.

#4: Discolouration – Despite the fact that uPVC can last for two or three decades, it can begin to discolour towards the end of its life. There is also a chance that the uPVC will become brittle over time and need replacing.

#5: Unsustainable Resource – It is common knowledge that wood comes from trees and plastic comes from oil. These oil supplies will run out eventually, making this an unreliable resource and not particularly green.

Home improvements in North Wales are made easy with the installation of quality uPVC windows and doors from a reliable and experienced home improvements specialist.

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