Few Pros and Cons of Business Incubator

Published On November 24, 2017 | By Clare Louise | Kitchen

Let us first try to understand what we mean by incubator. Incubator is a kind of business organization meant for providing necessary help to any startup company so that they can further grow and achieve success in their venture. They usually provide free or very low-cost workplace, expertise, mentorship, access to different investors and also help in providing working capital as a loan.

If you want to join in any incubator then you need to apply for the same and follow different schedule and fulfilling the criteria that are set by the incubator. You need to commit at least one to two years to be an integral part of the incubator.

Here in this small write up we shall discuss about various benefits and also few negative points of business incubator, so that it will help you to make out whether joining with any such incubator is really beneficial for you or not. Those who are interested to start any food related business may visit the website http://www.4thstreetmarket.com/east-end-incubator-commercial-kitchen/ and get to know little more details about this business model.

Pros of incubator

One of the obvious pros that we can see any new business company will get very powerful start and therefore do some research about the incubator to know some more details about their potential. Let us now list out other obvious benefits of the incubator.

  • You can reduce your overhead by obtaining free or low-cost option for workspace to start your business. For any startup company, it is a great boost which starts their business.
  • The help from your incubator can accelerate the growth of your business with the help of their mentorship, influence, expertise and at times with capital too.
  • Incubators often conduct workshops and many other business development programs to educate new entrepreneurs.
  • They will help developing trust in the business of any startup company among various investors so that they may provide necessary financial assistance to expand their business.
  • They provide basic office facilities to any startup company.
  • Necessary guidance provided by the incubator will help startup companies to focus in their goals and move in the right direction.


  • The process of selection of startup may be little more competitive and rigorous too. The startup need to disclose their complete business plan and secrets.
  • Many incubators will demand much longer time commitment which will delay to run your business independently.
  • Incubator may act like boss whom you have to constantly give your progress report.

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