Five Ways to Maximize Small Kitchen Spaces

Published On October 13, 2018 | By Arthur Garst | Real estate

If a home for sale in Rockport, Tx has piqued your interest but has a super small kitchen, don’t toss the listing aside just yet. These five tips to maximize kitchen space can put that home back in the running.

1.   Declutter and Donate

Kitchen gadgets and cookware take up a lot of space, so take time to get rid of things you don’t actually use. After all, how many pots and pans and utensils can you possibly really need? Donate items you cannot and do not use regularly to declutter and free up space.

2.   Get Vertically Inclined

Every wall, cabinet or cupboard door is an opportunity to maximize on storage by utilizing vertically hanging racks and hooks. Begin the journey with installing floor to ceiling cabinetry or utilizing the space above open cabinets for small appliance and paper goods storage. Consider hanging pots and pans from a ceiling rack, cups and pot holders from hooks under cabinetry, or including magnetic knife strips on walls in cooking spaces.

3.   Rolling Shelves

Rolling shelves can be installed in drawers, pantries and within cabinets  to allow for additional storage for silverware, spices, pots and pans or anything your heart desires. These are easy to install but can double storage space immediately.

4.   Island Kitchen Installations

If you have even a few feet of free space you can install a kitchen island or small butcher block to create more surface space and storage all in one step. Remember, such additions don’t actually need to be in the middle of the kitchen, but can be placed upon a wall.

5.   Add Lighting

Good artificial and natural lighting help any space look larger, so make use of nature’s gifts while utilizing bright incandescent or LED bulbs to make the most of what you’re working with. There are also app-enabled bulbs with customized multi-function settings to create ambiance!

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