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Published On February 22, 2019 | By Carol Wesson | Home Improvement

Urbane suave is the new trend for home décor. Leaving the 80’s roaring colours and bright patterns, the world has now moved on to a refined much more delicate and mature palate, where textiles like cotton and linens are eagerly replacing plush velvets and satins. Soft, warm, and gentle colours have an enigma of their own, a trend that has caught on and spread like a wildfire, bringing us to a conclusion, that fabrics like linens would be a long-term friend, through summers rolling into winters. If you’re not familiar with the term linens, let us help you out with why linen bedding is quite possibly the best choice for you, especially with the summer just around the corner.

Linens are, what we call, one of the oldest textiles the world can gift us with, and it is these very linens that were once considered a sore sight for the eyes. Embodying prosperity, virtue, and wealth- linens were considered a delicacy, a few could taste. With the vast diversification and introduction of newer textiles, linens somewhere got lost in the change, emerging now, as a re-invented refined solution for plush interior ambience.

What makes linens such a summer sweetheart?

The answer is what doesn’t? Here’s why linens are such a rage worldwide in the present day.

  • Characteristic Colour

If you’re a fan of satin velvets and sequined polycottons, you would probably not gel well with linen, but those with a keen eye out for humble hues would simply love the idea of a delightful pastel-hued linen bedding. Linens have a unique shade to them which makes them stand out in the crowd as a definite sign of simplistic elegance. It is this very colour shade range that also allows linen to be heat reflective, a great advantage for the summers.

  • Iconic Style

Have you ever wondered why linen clothes are so in demand during the summers? It is not simply limited to clothes, as a style as effortless as linens can be a pleasure for any and every setting. Adding a tone of distinctness and class to your abode, linens carry a finesse of their own that can simply light up a room.

  • Summer-Friendly

Do you hate waking up in the summer mornings veiled in a thin layer of sweat? Yes, we do too. That is why we have decided to make the best of linen’s high absorbent characteristics to decorate our single, king and queen size bedding this summer.

  • Productivity

Being a fabric that requires no extensive after-care and is also three times stronger than that of cotton fibres, linens do make quite a durable handy household fabric.

  • Affordability

Quality is key and if you’re looking for affordable linens with top-notch quality, head over to one of the authentic linen stores online. Quite possibly, linen experts like Magiclinen can help you choose the right product at the right price range.

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