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Published On October 8, 2018 | By Clare Louise | Home Improvement

Is your home a little on the small size for your growing family and causing eruptions every morning with queues to the bathroom? Does the living room finally seem a lot smaller now that the kids are all grown up or does the kitchen to small to whip up those culinary delights. Maybe you have to park half a mile down the road as your home has no off road parking. Then maybe your home could benefit from some renovations. There are simple home improvements and renovations that can completely transform the look and feel of any home. Simply changing the windows in Bangor homes and the surrounding North Wales area could be significantly transformative.


Windows are no longer considered as just another part of your home protecting you from the elements, but are considered to be effective means to enhance the look of your home. Windows are also incredibly efficient in maintaining and regulating room temperature. As fuel prices continue to rise, a lot of people are switching to double-glazed windows as energy saving measures that can be used for the purpose of insulation. Before purchasing double glazing windows, certain things have to be considered.

The best option for an energy conscious customer is to go for double glazed windows that can reduce heat loss by about 50%. This can have a positive impact on reducing your heating bills as you are using more energy efficient and natural way of heat conservation. So on a chilly night, a double glazed window will give you more comfort than a single paned window. In double glazed windows, air between the glass sheets is thoroughly dried and therefore it will give you more superior insulation.

Another important advantage of installing brand new windows is that they give better safety and security for the house. As there are two layers of glass, the chances that both those layers get broken down are less and therefore the threat from an intruder breaking them is much less. While purchasing your new windows, you should always look out for windows with frames that can be securely locked.

New windows in North Wales based homes will also represent style and fashion and hence a lot of house owners are meticulous in choosing the right windows for their homes. They are available in different types and styles and hence they are quite suitable for augmenting the appearance of the home. The same can also be said for all of the doors in your home. The technology of doors has changed significantly and can drastically change the look of your home as well as the size of your energy bill. Your guests that are greeted by a brand new front door are certain to see your house in a different light.

Renovate Your home

Having structural work done to your home will not only increase your living space in most cases but it can also add value to your home in the long run. Extensions are a very popular form of renovation whether it be on the kitchen, living room, or maybe it could an extension on both floors given up an extra large amount of additional space. Conservatories are also very popular as an extension to the living room and are especially lovely in the summer months.

If your house has no off road parking and you always struggle to find a parking space at the end of the day, which is not what you need after a long day at work, then maybe you could benefit from having a garage built onto the side of your house, or if you house doesn’t have the space for that maybe you could turn your front garden into a driveway for parking space.

Renovations does not have to only mean extensions they can also include having a change inside the home. For instance maybe your love the location and lots of other additional features but you have become bored with the design of it. With the right architecture designer you could totally re-design your home to suit your personal taste.

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