How can you stop water leakage at its earlier stages?

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Water damage may seem a trivial matter initially, but you must take extreme precaution if you discover big mold or leaks. These kinds of damages are pretty common to homes and so, people remain busy in restoring during the early stages. If you leave this problem unattended for an extended period, then these little leaks can result in huge damages, like floor mold or leaking roof. If you confront these issues, then the only option that would be left to you would be to hire an excellent loss assessor plus a restoration company for cleaning up your messed-up home.

Damage to water pipes is highly common and it can result from many numbers of causes that include the following:

  • Weather erosion
  • Damage caused by animals
  • General and age deterioration
  • Heavy vibration resulted from traffic
  • Accidental damage, like, from work that is being carried out around it
  • Poor connection of valves and joints

However, the better choice that is left to you to prevent your home from these problems is to call commercial water leak detection system. These systems can be truly helpful when you don’t possess sufficient time or you are on a tour away from your home habitually.

Water leak detection tools and methods

Ground microphones – They are viewed as the most common tools that is used for detecting as well as locating a water leak. When there is a water leak, you will hear an audible sign of it that sounds like dripping or running water. These tools are considered highly effective than other tools.

Leak Noise Correlation – This method too uses sound for discovering the precise place of a leak. It makes use of sensors that mark out the place where the leak is.

Gas techniques – It is possible to make use of gas for helping you identify a potential problem. Here, a mixture of hydrogen and nitrogen gas gets injected into the main water supply.

The types of leak detection systems

Commonly, there are a couple of kinds of leak detection systems, namely, active systems and passive systems.

  • Active Systems – Active systems do make an alarming sound when they interact with water. Besides the alarm, they do perform the function of stopping the flow of water when they detect any leakage. It is an added advantage when you are out of your home. Generally, these devices make use of moisture sensors that have the capability to sense a little amount of water also.
  • Passive Systems – Passive systems generate an alarming sound when they detect water leakage. Based on the model, a few new passive leak detectors come equipped with led flashlights. These systems are different from the active systems and they are cost-effective, battery operated and stand-alone units. Additionally, passive systems don’t require any particular tool to install and they can be installed without a plumber or an expert.

There are countless people where people face a shortage of water and there, people travel long distances for water. A commercial water leak detection system besides informing you regarding leaks at the earlier stages also helps in saving water. If you consider the matter of increasing population at an alarming rate, you must save water at all costs.


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