How to Pick the Right Freestanding Bath

Published On August 13, 2018 | By Carol Wesson | Interior


Freestanding baths are stand-alone tubs that can fit right into your home whether small or large. You can benefit from a freestanding bath since it can save you some space while making your home look modern. You can choose from different designs and styles to suit your tastes. The most popular choice is the Victorian style because of its intricate designs and patterns.

Before installing a freestanding bath, you should consider:

  1. Weight

A freestanding bath will weigh as much as any bathtub. Be careful in choosing the right one, and know beforehand if your flooring is stable and robust enough to withstand its weight. You should also consider if your home can cope with the weight of the freestanding bath when it’s full to the brim with water. On its own, it’s already heavy, but when you add in large volumes of water and your weight when you use it, the freestanding bath might weigh too much for your flooring.

  1. Size

Size matters. You should determine the right size and dimensions the freestanding bath should have, to save time. This way, you can immediately relay the correct information to a sales representative when you go into a home furniture shop.

  1. Design

You need to know what design and style will suit your home best. Follow the particular theme you have now in your home so that the freestanding bath will blend well with your other furniture. You can also choose a design that will make your freestanding bath the focal point in your bathroom. However, you must still make sure that it will not disturb or destroy the balance your home has.

You can browse through a collection of various designs and styles, so you don’t have to worry about running out of options. You can also have it custom designed if you are very particular about the style you want.

  1. Colour

Your colour choice will play a significant role in making your bathroom look appealing. As with design, the colour you choose must be able to blend well with the tonal theme of your home. Don’t pick a colour like neon yellow or bright red, as it will make your bathroom look chaotic and disorganised.

Unless you intend to make your freestanding bath the focal point in the room, pick a neutral colour instead, like white, black, or grey. It will make sure your freestanding bath will match your furniture.

  1. Shape

Determine for yourself what shape you want the freestanding bath to have. It can be oval, circular, or rectangular. The shape you choose will depend on how much space there is in your bathroom. If you have a small bathroom, it is better to select a rectangular shaped one so that you can maximise the space available to you. However, if space is not an issue then, choose whatever shape you like.

These are the things you must look out for to get the best freestanding bath. Take your time looking for the right fit so that you won’t regret anything later.


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