How to Prevent Pet Damage in Apartments

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Property owners are always taking a risk when they allow tenants to keep pets. Since animals that are bored or poorly trained can cause a wide range of damages to apartments, allowing pets is a display of great generosity on the part of landlords. Apartment residents looking to repay this kindness can do so by taking preventative measures against pet damage. Putting the following pointers into practice can go a long way in preserving your apartment and helping your reclaim your security deposit.

Clean Litter Boxes Daily

When residing in an Omaha, NE pet-friendly apartment – or one in any other major city, for that matter – you’ll need to clean your cat’s litter box on a daily basis. Allowing soiled litter to sit for long periods can result in lingering odors that stick to walls and become permanent fixtures in apartments. Units that have become immersed in these odors often have to undergo considerable repairs before being deemed habitable for new tenants. Furthermore, if the smells are pungent enough, there’s a good chance they’ll spread to neighboring units, thereby drawing the ire of your fellow tenants. In the worst case scenario, this can get you evicted. Consistently breathing in such smells can also result in respiratory problems, so if you won’t clean your cat’s litter box for the sake of your landlord, do so for the sake of your health.   

Provide Abundant Toys and Scratching Posts

Many of the damages caused by pets can be traced back to boredom. If your pets are stuck at home with nothing to do, they’re liable to make their own fun. In most cases, this involves pulling up carpeting and clawing doors and walls. With this in mind, make sure your animals have plenty of toys to occupy their time with. Scratching posts, stuffed animals and chew toys make fantastic playthings for pets who have unlimited time on their hands and nothing to do with it.    

Give Dogs Plenty of Exercise

It’s no secret that most dogs are bundles of energy. In order to get rid of this energy, dogs need regular walks and play sessions, and in the absence of them, they’re liable to go nuts in your apartment. To ensure that your dog has a healthy outlet for its boundless energy, take it for at least one long walk each day and make frequent visits to dog parks where it can run wild. Dog that are not exercised often engage in destructive behaviors, so if you neglect to provide your pooch with appropriate outlets for its energy, you have only yourself to blame for the resultant damage to your residence.  

Pet damages are among the most common causes of un-returned security deposits. If the proper precautions aren’t taken, a bored or rambunctious pet can cause a substantial amount of harm to an apartment. As such, it’s hardly surprising that so many apartment complexes don’t allow tenants to keep pets. Residents of pet-friendly apartments who want to reward their landlords’ trust can do so by putting the tips discussed above to good use.


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