Kids Metal Beds vs. Wooden Beds – Which is Best for a Good Night’s Sleep?

Published On October 29, 2018 | By Clare Louise | Home Improvement

In choosing beds for your children, safety would always be the question of highest priority as compared to other factors such as price, design or colour. Majority of the time as well, the beds follow the overall theme of the home whether the material used is wood or metal.

Most country-style homes are dominantly using wooden furnishings including beds while the more modern contemporary homes favour metallic finishes to accompany the minimalistic architecture and interiors.

So which is really better? Wood or metal? Or do you go for a fusion of both? There are pros and cons to these choices, and we will explore each one of them in this article. Hopefully, this will help you form a more informed decision, especially since your kids will be using them.

Metal Beds

Metal beds are typically lighter and much easier to move around. They have a more sleek finish and make cleaning more seamless. You can check out the selection in Domayne’s kids single beds or bunk beds for options.

Because of the nature of the material, they are not as prone to water damage or pest infestation.

They are also not as prone to moulds because metal does not hold as much moisture as compared to wood which is more porous to water.

Metal also has higher availability in the market, making it more affordable.

Kids metal bed is also much easier to spot damages because it would create a louder creaking sound when rust starts to set in, or when hinges holding the metal frames together start to unwind.

Coloured metal beds now also vary, like black or dark brown. Some are painted over with white while others keep its original aesthetic look at brush steel.

Wooden Beds

As for kids wooden beds, most custom single or bunk beds nowadays that get featured are made of wood. It is a carpenter’s best friend as it offers more flexibility when it comes to customising its shape, size and style.

Wood is more aesthetically pleasing and is often the option in furnitures like beds. You can design them more freely and creatively through various coloured paints and polishes.

They are, however, more expensive and the more rare the wood is, the pricier it gets.

Wood is also heavier and more susceptible to moulds and termites infestation. Overtime, the wood itself would go through the wear and tear process and may not be as sturdy as it used to be.

Choosing a kids wooden bed would definitely be an investment and should be maintained well by using wood protection sprays.

So the choice would really boil down to preference and weighing in on the importance between the pros and cons. While aesthetic is important and both are relatively safe to use, longevity and practicality should also play a role when deciding on your kids beds.

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