Maintenance of The Church Premises

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The maintenance of churches is carried out by various committees. These committees are governed by the senior caretaker offices of the church committee. This committee makes rules of the church and is also in charge of the maintenance of the church which includes the proper sitting, drinking water, and toilet facilities. The communities ensure and keep a check on maintenance of these 3 things.

So, if you are a member of your church’s maintenance committee, then you may need to ensure that the décor, as well as the more utilitarian aspects of the church such as the church pews, are in perfect order. For example, when the seats are damaged, you may have to look for church pews for sale. Of course, the decision to replace the pews will have to discuss in a meeting first and only when the proposal has been approved can you go ahead with the purchase.

Main duties of a caretaker of the church:

The caretaker of the church is a person, who is appointed by the committee. The caretaker is a very important role in church because he is the person who can only tell the committee that where the church is lacking and needs to upgrade. Some main duties are given as follows,

  1. He should keep an eye on the cleanliness of the church.
  2. The caretaker cares about the furniture and everything in the church which tends to break down and wear out over time.
  3. The caretaker is answerable to the committee, is there is anything which is to be restored in the church.

Points which occur as a problem:

When we talk about the management of any church or another place some problems which can question the management of the place are as follows.

  • Cleanliness can be a major fact for the management.
  • The management should also take care of the condition of pews time to time.
  • Drinking water facilities should also pretty frequently inflow.

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