Modern Ceiling Chandelier – Everything You Need to Know

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The days of traditional lighting fixtures are gone. The dawn of the modern era has brought with itself modern ceiling chandeliers to turn your home into an ambient dwelling. There’s nothing more stylish and artsy as a modern ceiling chandelier these days. Have you head the popular saying – “All that glitters is not gold?” Well, in this case, it certainly looks like beautiful, golden light that adds elegance and warmth to your home. In this article, we’ll talk about different aspects of modern ceiling chandelier. You need just one for your home, but there are hundreds of chandeliers on the market. So, how will you pick? Don’t worry; we’ll drive you through the designs, styles, and a lot more. Keep reading to grab lots of valuable information that is coming your way.

First Things First – What Is A Modern Ceiling Chandelier?

As opposed to the traditional chandeliers, modern ceiling chandeliers are available in a plethora of designs, formations, patterns, and sizes. Most of them feature multiple tiers, multiple lamps, and beautiful glass cuts and crystals.

All traditional chandeliers looked the same – a chandelier simply hanging from the wall with multiple arms and mostly lights in the form of a candle with beads hanging below. Sounds boring, right? Modern ceiling chandeliers are designed with finesse and creativity. The traditional picture of a chandelier has been twisted and turned to come up with fresh, innovative contemporary designs.

5 Types of Modern Ceiling Chandeliers Based On the Appearance

Picking the best chandelier is all about picking the ‘right type’ of the modern chandelier to suit your requirement. You need to be clear about the motive behind the purchase. Are you looking for a stylish modern ceiling chandelier? Are you looking for a large empire modern ceiling chandelier? Has the Maria Theresa chandelier style inspired you?

In this section, we’ll discuss different types of modern ceiling chandeliers to help you pick the best one from the lot.

Rectangular Shaped Chandeliers

Many modern ceiling chandeliers these days come in a rectangular shape. Basically, their ceiling plate is rectangular in shape.

Pendant Shaped Chandeliers

Pendant chandeliers are mostly disc shaped. They hang from the ceiling in a way that makes them look like a pendant hanging on a chain.

Cluster Pendant Chandeliers

Cluster pendant chandeliers have more than one disc-shaped pendants hanging from the ceiling to form a cluster.

Sputnik Chandeliers

Interesting enough, the design of a Sputnik chandelier resembles the structure of an atom with a nucleus. The sleek arms reach outwards and hold various bulbs. These chandeliers are mostly made of nickel or brass material.

Caged Chandeliers

In the case of a caged chandelier, an object containing a bulb is encompassed between a cage-like frame, which can be a square, circle, or an abstract shape.

3 Types Of Modern Ceiling Chandeliers Based On The Lighting

To make sure the modern ceiling chandelier is ambient enough for your room, you first need to identify the different types of modern ceiling chandeliers on the market based on the lighting efficiency.

There are 3 types of modern ceiling chandeliers based on lighting style:

  • Up light chandeliers – The light is focused upward, towards the ceiling offering reflected ambiance around a specific area.
  • Down light chandeliers – The light is focused towards the floor below the ceiling offering unhindered light. Ideal for homeowners who are looking for chandeliers that provide a lot of light.
  • Ambient light chandeliers – The light is controlled to provide a cozy and warm environment.

Perfectly Positioning A Modern Ceiling Chandelier

In a room, the perfect position of a modern ceiling chandelier is the exact center of the room. Want to know why? Here are 3 reasons:

  • A modern ceiling chandelier should be installed in a way that makes it look beautiful from all angles. The best place to provide a 360-degree view of your chandelier is the room’s center.
  • Light is more appropriately distributed from the center of a room.
  • The central location is best to maintain symmetry.

Installing A Modern Ceiling Chandelier

Remember, if you are hanging the chandelier in your dining room, the distance between the chandelier and the dining table should be at least 30 inches so that it doesn’t obstruct the view of the people on the table. In other rooms as well, always pay heed to the line of sight and make sure the chandelier is not coming in the way or obstructing anyone’s view.

Check The Brightness Of The Modern Ceiling Chandelier

This is a very important point that you must keep in mind while purchasing a modern ceiling chandelier. A room requires 300-400 lumens brightness per 100 square feet. So, make it a point to consider the lumen output while picking the best chandelier for your home.

Shop Modern Ceiling Chandeliers Crafted With Finesse

Now that you’ve identified different types of modern ceiling chandeliers, are you excited to purchase one for your dining room? While you do, make sure you check the lumen output.

Unable to find an ideal modern ceiling chandelier for your home? Never mind, design your own and get in touch with Showsun Lighting to create a customized chandelier look.

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