Organizing A Cocktail Party In An Art Gallery: What All You Need To Do?

Published On January 25, 2019 | By admin | Art and Design

Given the chosen theme it looks like you are in for some major mix-and-match and looks like it is going to be major fun round the place. The planning for the perfect party is something that needs to be done well in advance so that you are ready to deal with last minute changes too. So, here’s your cocktail party checklist at an art gallery:

1) Start with the date

The more people, the merrier. It is essential that you select the date keeping in mind the people who will be attending and that it suits their schedule. Better off on weekends and holidays when people are in a natural mood to party hard.

2) Select the venue

This one can get quite tricky if you don’t know what you are up to. You’d surely want to look for good accommodations and Galerie Le Royer can help you set the right tone for your cocktail party at your convenience and as per your tastes.

3) The theme

Well, cocktail parties are a theme in itself but you can make the day even more fun with setting up a theme that calls out to the party animal in everyone on the guest list.

4) Music

This is what will get people to forget their inhibitions and get going on the dance floor. Believe it or not but people tend to judge others based on their taste of music which means that your DJ needs to be quite the pro to set the desired tempo!

5) Food and drinks

Yes, this will get people going. Who doesn’t like free food? Make sure that your menu caters to everyone’s taste on the house. The drink menu should be extensive too; if you are throwing a party then make sure it is worth everyone’s while out there.

6) Entertainment: Plan games and more

Who says you are too old to play games? Right from nostalgic games to the adult ones, you can enjoy quite the gala time with your favorite people out there. You can also invest in some quality entertainment performance that is popular among your circle.

7) Be the perfect host

Easier said than done make sure that everyone in attendance feels happy about being present at your party. Enjoy!

So if you are planning to host a cocktail party in an art gallery, make sure all the above-listed things are well considered.

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