Questions to Ask Your Pergola Builder Before You Buy

Published On October 23, 2017 | By Clare Louise | Home Improvement

A pergola is an excellent extension to your house, offering both comfortable shade and architectural interest. In order to achieve the most out of a pergola, you should do some research to ensure that you get the best value. Here are five questions you should ask before purchasing a pergola:

What materials should be used?

The answer to building a long-lasting outdoor structure is all in the quality of materials used. Most pergolas are constructed using vinyl or wood; however, the quality varies from manufacture to manufacture. You need to do some research to find a balance between attractiveness, longevity and affordability when looking for the perfect pergola for your home.

What size should my pergola be?

The size of pergola will rely, in part, on how much space you have available. If you want to size your pergola based on the dimensions of a concrete pad or patio, you will need to determine if the size dimensions of the pergola fit your requirements.

Ensure that you ask to see a diagram of the pergola so that you can confirm the dimensions. You could also mark where the post holes would go in your yard to get a visual for the overall sizing before you go and place your order.

How much shade do I need?

Where your pergola is positioned in your yard along with the spacing between the slats and beams, make up the pergola roof. The closer the slats and beams are spaced, the more shade protection they will provide. Another option is that you can add a canopy shade or lattice on the roof to increase the amount of shade.

Before deciding on where to place your pergola, you should find out where the sun generally shines in your yard during different times throughout the day. Tip: Picking an area away from the midday sun will provide you with the best shade.

Is it possible to install the pergola on an existing concrete pad or deck?

Nearly all pergolas are able to be installed on an existing concrete pad or deck, but you shouldn’t assume yours will too; consult with your pergola builder just for clarification. The build quality of your current pad or deck will determine how much weight it can safely handle.

Will you provide installation for my new pergola?

The correct installation of your pergola will guarantee stability, extend its lifespan and provide a safe structure for you to enjoy for years to come. For this reason, you should ask your pergola builder at Sunscreen pergolas Sydney if they provide installation services.

Knowing how the installation will be handled, deciding on an attached or freestanding pergola and asking about the amount of shade you can expect are all excellent places to start so that you get the best value for your money.

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