The Perfect Lighting For Your Home Theatre

Published On May 10, 2018 | By Arthur Garst | Home Improvement

As they say, never sit too close to TV, you might damage your eyes. But little do everyone know that more than the rays emitted from your television, it is lighting in your space that creates an impact too. If you even visit a theatre, the lighting in there too have a certain touch to it. If they’ve installed regular light bulbs inside the premises, it might hurt your eyes just when the auditorium lights up at the intermission. Similarly, even if you have a home theatre or not, the space where you watch TV/movies, the lightings should be altered so as to create a soothing experience for your eyes. Read on to know how you can set a perfect lighting for watching TV/movies.

  • First things first, before we proceed, here’s you should know about 3 major layers of lighting:
  1. Ambient lighting are ceiling flush, chandeliers, pendants etc.
  2. Task lighting are table lamps for living or media room.
  3. Accent lightings are small adjustable lighting fixtures like wall sconces, recessed cans etc.
  • All these lights are suitable for your home theatre, preferably the task lighting fixtures. Check out more variety of lightings at com. You can also try using dimmers. And here’s the trick, make sure you have the control settings of your light. You can dimmer it when the show is about to start. And dim it to the full when watching a horror movie, it might add the feels to it.
  • Wall sconces are one of the best lighting fixtures for your home theatre. It is also available in a great variety of colors in the market. You can also fix a large cushions and ottomans and arrange a table for snacks and drinks.
  • Lantern style wall sconces are also a great addition to the same. Adding a big red comfy couch in front of the screen will add gold to the appearance of the space and gives you a 5-star feel.
  • You can also try a variant in your media room like, adding a big comfy couches in front of the screen as usual, arranging side tables, a rug that complements the space, pictures hung on the wall that makes your media room seem like a gallery hall adorned with a lot of lightings emitted by a floor lamp, a ceiling semi-flush mount and a few downlights. Seems alluring, isn’t it?

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