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Published On May 7, 2018 | By Carol Wesson | Home Improvement

Cutting a tree might look like a big job, but it is much easier when compared to the task of removing stumps. This process requires more involvement and it is a very time consuming process. This is why, most of the people in Austin prefer going for Strom clearing in Austin, TX in order to get the work done quickly by the experts in this field. They know the ways and techniques to do it easily for you and charge lowest prices for their services. But, if you want to do it on your own then there are some things that you must remember to make your stump removal project easier and faster.

  • Manually removing stumps is not going to work so in order to get rid of them, you need to get a grinder on rent, first. It is heavy duty appliance and you can easily get it on rent from nearby stores.
  • Along with renting a grinder, you will also need to arrange a rake, chainsaw, mattock and shovel. The mattock or a shovel is used to remove all the rock that is placed around tree stumps.
  • Cut the stumps into small parts, as much as you can by use of a chainsaw. This will help you in reaching closet to the ground levels.
  • Now, you will need a hydraulic lever so that you can raise grinder wheel high. Switch it on, and try to lower it down inside the stump.
  • You need to grind it down at least 4 inches and then move forward. Keep repeating this procedure until the stumps leave the ground.
  • Since, the stump grinder machine is a dangerous device or equipment therefore you must always keep your protective gears with you, while doing such tasks.
  • Most important protective gear among all is your glasses or goggles. This is because while grinding the wood pieces fly everywhere along with other debris.
  • It is advisable that if you have never used a grinder earlier, then you can contact someone who can give you some training before you start with your stump removal projection. It is best to learn well before using a stump grinder, all by yourself.

After clearing your land by cutting down the trees, there is no reason to leave the tree stumps behind. As long as they are present on your land, the place is never completely cleared. Above given are some useful tips and methods to help you in getting rid of stumps easily as well as safely. If you are a beginner in this or the land is too big to manage it on your own, then it is best to hire stump removal services, it will not cost you much plus your task will be completed in a given deadline without any hassle. You property is an important asset, therefore it is best to take help of professionals like stump removal services in Austin, TX instead of doing it yourself being a novice in this field.


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