Tips on Buying the Right Loft Ladder

Published On February 1, 2018 | By David Corcoran | Home Improvement

By definition, loft ladders are used to reach lofts for storing and retrieving things. Most homeowners need to frequently reach the loft. Some consider building a spiral stair or loft stair. However, this is an expensive solution to the problem. This is when loft ladders come into the picture.

There are several different types of loft ladders in the market. It is important to choose the right type. The choice depends on how careful you are as a climber and your requirements. Most of the time, preferences are limited and restricted to the position of the loft hatch and room size.

Different Types of Loft Ladders

Loft ladders can be categorized into three different types: Folding ladders, sliding loft ladders, and concertina loft ladders. Each of these ladders has a unique purpose and a special design.

The Sliders!

Do you know that sliding loft ladders can be broken into a variety of categories? You can buy the electric sliding lofts, telescoping lofts, and traditional sliding loft ladders.

In general, the traditional sliding loft ladders are simple to setup and easy to use. These ladders are designed to offer a straightforward solution. The ladders come in wooden and metallic varieties. Most of the sliding loft ladders have three or two sections that can be slid and fitted together. Before you buy a sliding loft ladder, you must measure the floor-to-floor height. These ladders are ideal for small properties. Sliding loft ladders are both efficient and affordable. To be more precise, it is the least expensive loft ladder in this list.

If your home has storage and height restrictions, you need a telescopic sliding loft ladder. This is a metallic structure that can tackle tough situations at ease. You can open and fold the ladder with just a push of a button.

The Concertina Loft Ladders

The Concertina loft ladders have a metal body all the time. These ladders are an ideal pick for homeowners with limited storage area. You can fold and store the ladder within a small loft. The concertina comes in different versions. You have the standalone models, concertina loft ladders with hatch and electric concertina.

When the concertina is in the stowed position, it sits above the loft trapdoor. This makes the loft ladder an ideal solution for climbing a loft hatch that is attached to the wall tightly. The concertina loft ladders will let you alter its gradient before you climb onto it. This is why you can use the ladder in rooms with limited space.

Loft Ladder safety and maintenance

Loft ladders will make accessing your lofts simple. But, you must ensure that the ladder is safe. Every year, thousands of accidents are caused due to improper loft use. Before you install and use a loft ladder, you must read and follow its instructions. If possible, hire a professional to help you with its basics. Pay close attention to the ladder’s maximum load and any faults. Never use loft ladders with damages or even signs of small faults.

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