Tips to Choose the Right Boxes for the Storage Unit

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Are you looking forward to storing your items in a storage unit? In addition to selecting the perfect storage unit and organizing it, packing away your items in proper storage boxes is another vital consideration you must not miss out. Choosing the right boxes –with respect to size, shape and quality is vital. Boxes can help in determining the overall maintenance & organization of your items in a self-storage unit. Boxes are available in a wide range of shapes & sizes. Each type of storage box has its unique functionality.

While it might be tempting to store all your items in the biggest box possible, it is considered worthwhile taking out time to plan out the organization of storage boxes for the best results. If you are looking out for the best storage boxes out there, you must know about the different types of storage boxes available out there.

Types of Storage Boxes

The type of box that you select for packing your belongings matters a lot. Eventually, it will help in determining the overall safety and durability of your items when packed away in a storage unit. Therefore, it is recommended to select the one that makes the most sense with respect to what you wish to store, how long you wish to store items in it, and the location you will be storing your boxes in.

Cardboard Boxes

Most often, when we think of storage boxes, the cardboard boxes come right away in our minds. Cardboard boxes turn out to be the best choice when it comes to storing away your household & personal belongings in reliable, cheap storage Bronx. They are immensely inexpensive, each to stack, pack, and label, and lightweight. Moreover, when you no longer need them, the cardboard boxes can be recycled easily or reused.

Cardboard boxes are the ideal solution when you are thinking of short-term storage solutions. As they are quite susceptible to damage from water and other harsh conditions, you should refrain from using them when it comes to storing away your items for a longer period. However, when you are storing your items in a climate-controlled environment with a secure storage facility, then you might have less to worry about.

Plastic Bins

Plastic bins serve to be storage boxes as these can be easily packed & stacked in any storage unit. Moreover, these are better able to offer protection against water leakages, harsh weather & temperature conditions, heat, and various other factors towards protecting your belongings effectively. While packing the items in a plastic bin, you do not have to worry about packing tape as these usually come in the self-sealable form. Comparatively more expensive than the cardboard boxes, the plastic bins are worth your money with respect to safety from harsh conditions.

Plastic bins are great solutions to long-term storage when you wish to ensure the safety & durability of your items in the long run.

Specialty Boxes

If you are looking forward to packing specialized items that fragile or highly valuable, then you can consider making use of specialty storage boxes that are designed specifically towards storing a particular type of item. The specialty boxes are used for storing a wide range of special items including holiday decorations, beautiful artworks, delicate dishes & cutlery, flat screen TVs, and so more in a secure environment. The specialty boxes are available as both plastic & cardboard variants.

One of the major benefits offered by making use of the specialty boxes is that they make it easier to pack complicated items with the help of inserts that would keep items from shifting or moving around while packing or transit. Though these might come slightly expensive than the conventional boxes, the specialty boxes offer an additional level of security & convenience.

Sizes of the Boxes

In addition to the shape & type of boxes, the size of storage boxes also matters significantly. Depending on what you would like to store in the storage boxes, you can decide the size of the boxes.

Small Storage Boxes

Coming in the standard dimension of around 16 X 12.5 X 12.5; the small-sized storage boxes are ideal for storing smaller, heavy items including vases, books, or even fragile items like dishes, cutlery, and so more.

Medium Storage Boxes

A medium-sized box might be around 18 X 18 X 16 in dimension and can be used for storing slightly larger items including toys, clothes, pans, pots, and others.

Large Boxes

With the dimension of around 18 X 18 X 24, these boxes can be used for packing & storing larger items like lamps, blankets, kitchen appliances, and so more.

Extra Large Boxes

With extra large dimensions of 24 X 18 X 24, the extra large storage boxes can be used for storing items like pillows, larger kitchen appliances, winter coats, and so more.

Choose the perfect storage box!

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