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Published On August 13, 2018 | By Arthur Garst | Art and Design, Doors & Windows

This is a tricky process to preserve the strength and the characteristics of the primary shipping container and to adapt to the interior design of attractive and realistic shipping containers. Building a perfect home is not possible via YouTube Video Tutorial.

When it comes to developing a plan and initiating constructing a building, the details are critical. There are hundreds of features that are involved in this process, to make a living shipping container.

In this article, we have listed the three best shipping container amazing designs program with their complete features. You can create more shipping container home design ideas from the apps listed below.

Live Home 3D Pro

Live Home 3D Pro is a great home design application that will help you build and design your dream home; it is also used to create the shipping container homes. If you own a house that needs a complete a makeover, or a professional designer, this app is for both these purposes. Live Home 3D Pro provides sophisticated design tools and an “Elevation View” mode so you can see all the details of your project. The app has a rich library of objects with thousands of 3D furniture models, fireplaces, people, and animals.

Purchases are also available in the app. For example, you can buy over 150 backup plans with 600 other materials for a better result.

Some of the features include:

  • Real-time 3D rendering and 2D floor plans
  • You can design a limitless number of stories in this app
  • You can create custom materials by using different photos to personalize the design
  • It has a feature to set natural light automatically by the geographical location and the time
  • The model of the house can be exported to 3DS, OBJ, FBX, VRML, Collada, and X3D formats.


packVol is a load planning optimizer and is designed to plan the best use of space inside the containers and trucks. It is new software that is compatible with Windows and comes with many unique features which are not available in other applications.

The app is suitable to manage the complex load planning:

  • packVol can help companies reduce inventory costs and take the time to create cost-effective billing proposals.
  • This program can easily be adapted to different load planning needs such as trucks, racks, pallets, containers, and railway wagons.
  • It is useful for improving space utilization.
  • The transportation costs can be reduced by 5 to 20%.
  • It also helps to reduce the timing needed for drafting and planning the orders.
  • This app also improves efficiency by applying a strict policy on charging procedures.

Shipping Container House Plans 1.1

Using Shipping Container House Plans 1.1, you can design your home quickly and easily. This app will let you live out all your ideas in a completely interactive 3D model. You can also get expert advice from the in-built features of this app.

Features include:

  • The design process can be increased with this fantastic application.
  • This is a free program from the CAD subcategory and is part of the graphical applications.
  • It supports the English language.
  • Shipping Container House Plans 1.1 is compatible with Windows.
  • To run the Shipping Container House Plans 1.1, you need to have a unique style plug-in mouse, as the traditional mouse pad which comes with the laptops is not compatible with the 3D work.
  • Also, you need to install a 3D graphics card on your PC or Laptop.

These are three amazing applications that give you the best shipping container design effortlessly.

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