Unmatched Benefits Of Acrylics Glass Pictures That Everyone Must Know

Published On December 18, 2018 | By Arthur Garst | Home Improvement

Glass pictures like the Big Acrylic glass pictures are the classiest artistic ways of soaking your house or office in the colors of your choice. These glass pictures are a pure reflection of who you truly are. Besides, the prices of such photo prints are automatically coming down ever since some large-scale companies opened their sale for everyone. And the declining cost is one of the leading reasons that acrylic glass photo prints are trending these days.

5 Features That Make Acrylic Glass Pictures Better Than Everything Else

Acrylic glass pictures have some unique features that are given below.

  • Acrylic prints have a colorful language of their own. They are crystal clear and can be made as large or as small as you like. The last largest size, that only limited companies have the resources to offer is, 40-120 inches, and the last largest wood panel thickness is 3/8 inch.
  • Acrylic prints can be made suitable for outdoor decoration purposes by being made waterproof and heat resistant.
  • The photo prints done with the help of flatbed printer are ultra clear, just like HD resolution images are. This is because the actual print is done on the backside of the glass. It does not just make the colors more shiny and glossy, it also makes the print durable since the colors stay intact and untouched for a very long time.
  • The edges of the acrylic photo prints can be made smooth and plain. Wherein, some playful creatures do order the picture prints with fully printed edges. Besides, cleaning acrylic art frames is a very simple process.
  • The wooden edges of the acrylic photo prints are made of dibond or sintra. And dibond and Sintra, both are known for their strength. This is the reason that acrylic wall prints are so resistant against breakage.

3 Types Of Acrylic Photo Prints

Now that you know the 5 best features, you must also know that acrylic photo prints are of the following 3 types.

  • Floating Photo Print – This photo print is embedded with 1-inch dibond or Sintra wood panels in the back center of the print. The adhesive on the wooden panel back is strong and when pressed against the wall, it creates an illusion that the picture is floating in the air.
  • Mount Photo Print – The edges of the mount photo print are pressed flat against the wall. Since the adhesive is strong, the picture doesn’t fall.
  • Standoff Photo Print – Standoff photo print can be installed on the wall by drilling. The picture has 4 holes, 1 in each corner. The screws supplied with the print are used to secure it perfectly.


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