Which Is the Right Purifier for Purifying Borewell Water?

Published On October 3, 2017 | By Clare Louise | Kitchen

Borewell is the most common source of water for many Indian households. As almost all river and lake water is contaminated to a grave extent, people feel that borewell water is the purest form of water they can get as it comes from below the surface and is away from all the sources of impurities. But this is untrue as even borewell water isn’t pure. It has harmful salts and disease-carrying pathogens in it. Sometimes, borewell water also has heavy metals that can cause cancer!

Therefore, it is absolutely essential to have the best purifier in India to purify borewell water. Here are a few types of purifiers that you can select from. Before finalizing one, you should always get your borewell water tested as you may not need the top model for purification.

  • RO Purifier:

When purifying hard water for drinking purposes, there is no better purifier in the business. RO purifier uses a simple Reverse Osmosis technique to get rid of all non-essential minerals that make the water hard and brittle. These salts are generally Magnesium and Calcium based and due to their hardness, they are unable to pass through the semi-permeable membrane of the reverse osmosis process. Pure water with all the essential minerals is extracted using this semipermeable membrane and sent forward for drinking purposes.

RO purifier is the best way of getting rid of all the hardness from borewell water. RO purification also removes any heavy metal trace, which helps ensure that the water is in the purest possible form. It uses activated carbon filters to remove any other impurity.

  • RO+UF Purifier:

RO purification is an absolutely essential part of purifying borewell water as the major impurities in borewell water are hard salts and heavy metals from the earth’s crust. Even in an RO+UF purifier, RO purification works in exactly the same way. UF filtration adds an extra layer of protection. A UF membrane is a gravity-based purification system. Once the water has been purified by the RO semipermeable membrane, it is passed through UF membrane.

A UF membrane is a porous membrane that doesn’t let anything with size greater than 0.3 microns pass through it. Therefore, all harmful pathogens like viruses and bacteria stay back and pure water is poured into the collection container.

  • RO+ UV/UF Purifier:

This is the most expensive and the best purifier in the business. As mentioned earlier, mandatory RO purification is present in this purifier. With RO purification, you get UV purification. UV stands for Ultra Violet radiation and this purifier uses Ultra Violet radiation to kill all the viruses, bacteria and pathogens present in water. After RO purification is complete, the water is subject to a special UV lamp. As UV is fatal to these microbes, they die as soon as they come in contact with it.

Once the UV lamp does its work, the water is left with almost no pathogens, but for extra protection, the RO+UV/UF purifier has a UF membrane attached too. The UF membrane works in the same way as it does in the RO+UF purifier. This filtration ensures that no contaminant makes it through to the drinking water. You are rest assured that you are drinking the purest form of drinking water and your family is free from all kinds of possible water borne diseases and health issues.

The only compulsion for purifying borewell water is having an RO purification system. Other purification methods can be added along depending upon the water tests that are conducted on the water supply.

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